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The Commodore 64 3D and VR Emulator

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Commodore 64

Here are some screenshots and videos of the new and the old version of YACE64. Also have a look at YouTube YouTube.

Pool billiard 3D
3D Version (Transformation)
Pool billiard 3D
Original Version
Advanced Pinball 3D Advanced Pinball Normal
3D view YouTube Normal View

2D to 3D (transformation at 0:12) Stereoscopic for VR glasses (transformation at 0:21)

YACE64 2.0 - Pitstop2 with loaded 3D template:
Pitstop2 3D

Zak Mc Kracken 3D


Stereoscopic view for VR glasses
Stereoscopic view for VR glasses YouTube

YACE64 1.0 running Pitstop II with attached USB joysticks:

YACE64 1.0 running GEOS with mouse and RAM extension:

iOS YACE64 Controller running Impossible Mission:

YACE64 Controller running on iPhone:

YACE64 Controller with the one of the joystick touch layouts

VIC debugger (old version)

VIC Debugger

Script Editor (old version, now replaced by LUA scripts)

Script Editor


MIDI SuperTrack